Swashbucklers یک بازی ماجراجویانه  و سوم شخص اکشن است و شما در آن هدایت یک کاپیتان جوان به نام Abraham  که به Nightingale شهرت دارد را بر عهده خواهید داشت و برای رسیدن به طلا و غنائم باید با دشمنان خود بجنگید و علاوه براین به ماجراجویی در دهکده ها و بخش هایی که بدست آوردید بپردازید.در ادامه میتوانید تصاویر و لینک دانلود این بازی PS2 را مشاهده کنید.


تصاویر بازی Swashbucklers: Blue & Grey برای PS2

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سال انتشار: 2007 | سبک: Action,adventure | سازنده: Akella| ناشر: Atari

حجم: 627 مگابایت | PS2

 لینک مستقیم | Hipfile | Multiupload | UPTOBOX


توضیحات کامل به زبان انگلیسی

Swashbucklers: Legacy of Drake is a pirate adventuring third person action game, set around the story of one young but desperate captain Abraham "Nightingale" Grey, who'd just received privateer's patent from the government of newly formed United States of America and thus got involved into war of 1812 between US and Great Britain that had just broken out in the Caribbean.
The player is to take the role of Abraham "Nightingale" and lead his "Warble" cutter through bloody waters of the Caribbean in search of gold and glory. Though the main game focus is steering battle sailer and fighting against similar opponents, significant part of the game is dedicated to adventures of "Nightingale" himself. The player will have to shoot, hack and slash Abraham's way through boarding fights, towns and beach villages raids; escape from imprisonment and sneak into well fortified port to sabotage enemy fleet – all this within one big adventure – in search of Francis Drake's legendary treasure.
The game is built as a narrative, character based, black humor and irony spiced, cinematographic style storyline, aimed to give the player maximum dramatic impact of naval battles and violent desperate fights in the times of last greatest piracy renascence, when shipbuilding hadn't quite reached it's pinnacle but the spirit of the age and the wonder of recent innovations in sailing technology inspired nautical heroes (installment of the first Gatling Gun is only one of the possible ship upgrades).
In Swashbucklers: Legacy of Drake third person view (preset tracing cameras, smart 'dramatic' cameras, and standard 'behind the head' views) is a primary game view for both ship battles part of the game and foot adventures of Abraham. All game action happens in real-time, and is diluted with in-game engine cut-scenes after certain goals are completed or new set. Swashbucklers: Legacy of Drake is to be created with the use of RenderWare 3.6 graphics technology and will only provide a single player game mode.


  • Thrilling atmosphere of political intrigues and treasure hunting in times of last greatest Caribbean piracy renascence
  • Blend of exiting high seas battles, fast-paced third person viewed swordfights and skirmishes
  • Character based liner cinematographic style storyline and game structure
  • Large variety of gameplay forms and challenges: from 'beat' em up' style fights and sneaking to pirate raids and massive naval battles
  • In-game engine cut scenes for more dramatic, cinematographic style plot development
  • Different bonuses and options for ship upgrade (additional guns of larger caliber, red-hot cannonballs, powder rockets and other 'high end' weapons of early 19th century
  • Realistic 'Victorian naval paintings' style of graphics based on RenderWare 3.6 graphics technology and own in-house rendering technologies
  • Variety of cold-steel weapons and firearms for character to choose from and master
  • Authentic sounds with epic classical symphony orchestra score and 3D sounds options support