Release Date: August 3, 2012
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Remedy
Developers: Mountain Sheep, Remedy

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Death in the fast lane! Death Rally is a pure-action blast-fest racing game. Unless you can handle your machine guns and mines as well as the curves in the road, you’re road kill. Drive by shooting. Get the picture? Earn cash each race, buy death for your opponents in the shops. Simple as that. Also buy new cars, engines, wheels and armor. No cash? Then take a loan from the loan shark — but you better have it when it’s time to pay back!

The classic Death Rally returns, entirely rebuilt for PC with wicked graphics upgrades shining through its new rendering engine. Camera and controls have been fully optimized for PC and career mode has been improved by unifying the single player and multiplayer progress. The PC version also includes new features such as the new track “Savo” and a return of the “Shadow Man”, a familiar figure from the original Death Rally.